Absolutely Necessary Friday, Mar 5 2010 

“Groundswell” is extremely necessary to read if you are in the world of marketing and public relations. I think that reading it has opened my eyes to the full spectrum of what social media and Web 2.0 is.

The ideas and level of creativity that is out there now a days, seems almost genius. But in a lot of ways very obvious, if you understand how the groundswell works. The genius behind making the groundswell work for you is to understand your audience and what they want.

People make up the world; we are what make it go round. Obviously then we are the key to making the online world go round as well. Social media and Web 2.0 can only be used if people are interested in using them. People are the future not technology. Relationships its how this whole world started and it’s how we will continue to grow.


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